Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finally, a non-eventful week!

As I was considering our blog topic for this week, I realized that NOTHING had gone on, other than normal school, work type things.  What a relief to have a week in which we came home from school, and enjoyed being a family!  While we still were busy in our own way, the important thing was OUR choice!  

Something cool that happened this week though, is we received 75 hits on our blog in ONE day!  On the bottom of the blog page is a revolving map.  Click on it and you can see where the visitors to our blog are.  Our Japan crew shows up off the coast of Africa, must be something with Department of Defense.

One milestone Brant reached this week was learning to snap his fingers!  He's now snapping to music, to get our attention, when name it, he's snapping!

Last night was quite fun, on the spur of the moment we decided to go see a movie!  Mom had been wanting to see Secretariat, and the boys wanted to see MegaMind.  So, off we went! It was an early birthday surprise for Mom, and I have to say, the boys and girls in the family both had great choices!

Brant is preparing for his Native American day next Friday, and our "homework" is to create a paperbag Indian (I know, it's not PC) vest.  Well, this morning, Brant decided to work on it while Mommy and Daddy were still in bed.  Running in to show us, we had to congratulate him on his cutting, because he had cut a perfectly straight line through BOTH sides of the vest!  His bag was in two parts, connected only by the handles!  Needless to say, Mommy stopped at Lowe's foods today and picked up another bag (and a spare).  We started decorating it tonight.  Here's the vest (not quite finished).
Concentrating on his eagle

Right before he added a laser to one wing "To fight bad eagles with!"

Adding a feather to the headdress Mom Mom and Pop Pop brought him back
from out west

Didn't he do a great job?! I outlined a the eagle and the diamond,
but he did the rest!

Chief Brantley with his "NO DRUMS" symbol on the front of his vest. 

Keep posted on the Native American day, all my middle schoolers are on a trip next week, so I can spend most of the day on Friday in Brant's room.  I'm sure it's going to be great fun, and LOTS of photo opportunities!

From the calm, somewhat rested, relaxed O'Day home, good night!


Jen said...

Very cute, but why no drums? I like drums!!! Also, where I used to teach the California history textbooks still called the Native peoples "Indians." I remember teaching something about the missionaries and trying to explain that the settlers wanted to teach the Native American peoples about Christianity and the kids were all "what's a native american?" *sigh* These were 4th graders?!?!

Katy said...

I have NO idea why no drums, except that we had just drawn the symbol for no rain? He's noticed the circle with line through it for no on signs and such, guess he's transferring his learning! In NC I feel like if you say Indian the PC alert will go out and you'll get written up! Sometimes Native American is just a mouthful!