Monday, November 29, 2010

A Photographical Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We headed up to Delaware for our celebration, while Mom headed to Ohio.  The rest of our family is scattered around the world, so we are pretty used to feast or famine when it comes to family gatherings.     As always, it's great to see Brantley's family and this year, we doubled up and celebrated Christmas on Thanksgiving Eve.  Needless to say, it was a fun, family holiday!   

Look at Delaney and her sweet smile. She's wearing Brant's bandana as  a do rag!
The boy cousins!

Now aren't those desserts yummy?!
And the Give Thanks sign courtesy of

The following photos are courtesy of our oldest nephew Jacob,
who got a hold on our camera early on.  

Sweet Dunny and Evans!  Jacob, you cut Hazen's head off!

There, that's better!  Although Hadley doesn't look too pleased!

Say cheese, our self portraits!

Unfortunantly all good things must come to an end, and we had to head home.  Learning our lesson several Thanksgivings ago, we left a day early.  The following photos were taken on the approach to the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel and on it.  Only three words to describe it...beautiful, cold and windy!!
Brant pointing out our location, accurately I may add

Totally freezing...that's why they look pained!

The wind was buffeting Brant so hard the camera jiggled!

And now, we are on our final approach to Christmas!  Can't come soon enough!  Lots and lots of Christmas activity coming up...stay posted!

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