Friday, November 12, 2010

'Pending the night at Grandma's

After all the excitement of Native American Day, Mommy was looking forward to a snuggly evening with her best boy, but HE had other ideas.
"Mommy, is it a school night?" (asked almost every evening)
"Nope!" (which actually sounded more like NOBE, due to my stuffy nose)
"Then I'm spending the night at GRANDMA'S!" (this accompanied by a dance and scramble to get his bag)

So, I packed his bag.  Asking which animal would be accompanying him to Grandma's (thinking it would be faithful Percy the "Pola" bear), I was surprised by the sudden scramble for almost ALL of his animals!

"Mommy, don't look!" I heard while getting his things together.  Never knowing what this entails, I peeked.  And what I saw absolutely melted my heart.  My precious little boy was kissing the animals he was leaving behind!

From left to right  Ruffy the dog, (hidden Delaware bear), Phillies Bear, Percy.
In bag, Winn Dixie the dog, another dog, Bluey the bluebird
Brant with his best snuggle buddies
So, right now, he's at Grandma's and I'm here.  And I miss him.  Five minutes after he falls asleep, I want to wake him up.  Five minutes after he's left, I want him home.  What a sweet little boy the Lord has blessed us with!

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