Thursday, November 18, 2010

Renovation, one step closer to complete

While things have be going full steam ahead around here, we've slowly been completing some of our renovation/home improvement projects.  Err.. I saw we, but all I'm involved with is design.  Brant is the mastermind of carrying out my design (sometimes a bit over-ambitious!) AND keeping it within the affordable range for our family.  As far as major redos, we are on our third room.  Checked off the list are the kitchen and sunroom.  Currently on the list...laundry room.   Pardon me for a minute while I walk you through the steps (and years) it's taken to get our laundry room.
We began with a screened in porch
 (I forgot to take the before photo before the screen came out)

And an very multipurpose grungy room our washer and dryer were in.
But our handy Brantley enclosed it, added new windows, door and drywall inside.
This photo was before the spring painting of the whole house the same color and dark brown trim. Door is burgundy.
By the way, 90% of the construction materials were from Craigslist!!

Little Brant has followed his Daddy through every step.  That's how big Brant learned his stuff, so I have high hopes for Brant's future renovations!
We ended up here.  This is where the screen in porch side was.

Ha, ha, always tools around our house, see the air compressor?!

So, after a summer break we began again.  This is the laundry room side. The walls were exterior  from the house
when the room was added on.  It was grubby.  Where are the washer and dryer you ask?  You got the completed sun room!

We have drywall and a floor

And one step closer!  We have cabinets AND working appliances again!
Steps to complete include lower cabinets and countertops.
I was so excited to come home to this!
Our freezer which we couldn't do without!
We salvaged the cabinets from Brant's parents' kitchen redo
The beautiful ceiling handmade by Brant with LOTS of lighting.
We used to have a bare bulb!

So, now you've seen our walk through renovation. It's tried our patience, drained our budget, caused us to use some choice word, but made us so proud to say we did it ourselves!  Stay tuned for the final pics and the NEXT project?!  The bathroom!  That should be fun!

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