Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween part 3: Finally, Trick or treating

Trick or treating around town can be few and far between, due to the abundance of "Trunk or treats" in the area.  So, guess where we headed? You betcha! Trunk or treat.  This year was great though, even bigger, spreading from one church, down 2 or 3 blocks, to another church.  Our local Merchant's Association was there, along with fire trucks, police cars and parks and rec vehicles.  Lots of fun, lots of people...LOTS of candy!   They say a picture is worth a thousand you go!
Front porch picture...notice the Thomas's hanging out!?

Flying off!  Yes, he was a Fire Fighter for school, Batman for trick or treat

He wanted to take a picture on the steps of the church

"Batman to da rescue!!!!"

We met up with our cute neighbors along the way!

Dumping the loot at Grandma's...the last stop

Wow!  Better hide the chocolate from Mommy!

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