Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween part 2: We're gonna be stuck in here FOREVER!!!!

As you can tell by the title of this blog, our family decided to brave a corn maze.  We have a local farm, about 10 minutes from our house, that does one, along with hay rides, and all things farm.  Because Brant's class field trip got rained out, we wanted to be sure to get one in before the season was over.  So, Oct. 30th was the big day.

Brimming with excitement, Brant bounced out of the car...immediately wanting to go on the departing hay ride.  Scrambling to buy tickets, we hopped aboard, only to discover not only was one of my students on it, but a friend from a club as well.  So much for escaping for a few hours!  But we soon forgot them as the tractor started and we were off!

Raz Taz farm is a working farm, and the owner of the farm rode along, narrating the hayride though fields, around ponds and past historical farm equipment.  Brant is was in heaven as we passed combines, soybeans, Frog Bottom Pond (there's a story with that name) and lots and LOTS of tractors.  The farmer educated us on crops grown in NC, the Piedmont, and why it's important to buy local, specifically, "It's Gotta Be NC."

Looking where we've been, around Raz Taz farm.

Frog Bottom Pond (to the right) in a field of soybeans.
All too soon, the ride ended, and Brant was off.  He took off in the direction of the small silos filled with, you got it! CORN!  Brant kicked off his shoes and dug, waded, hopped, tossed, in other words, throughly enjoyed the corn.  We laughed when the kid exiting before Brant was squirming uncomfortably. As his dad checked...yep, corn in the diaper!

Brant had corn in his pockets when he came home!
On to the hay bales, hay tractor, hay tunnel.  If you ask Brant what is his favorite's the hay tractor!   Running himself silly, it was time to hit the Maze.
Way up high on the hay bales
Look at my cute boys!
Having fun with Daddy in the tunnels
Loving crawling through
Brant's favorite, the hay tractor.
We didn't do the Mini Maze, but headed into the big one.  About an hour later...we came out.  It was great fun, Brant led the way.  By about 30 minutes in though, he was getting a bit concerned as we hit dead end after dead end.   Looking very serious, he stopped, turned around and said, "We're gonna be stuck in here FOREVER!"  He made Daddy lead the way after that, and slowly, but surely, we made it out! (Mommy was VERY glad to see the Port-a-potty strategically located at the exit of the maze!).

You are now entering the maze.

"The Leader!"

Looking through towards the rest of the farm

Mommy and Brant, in a rare blog appearance.  I'm usually behind the camera!

Smiles as we made it out!

We checked out a few more tractors, and it was off to rest up for the big night of be continued!

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