Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Dash away, dash away, dash away all!"

While feeding the reindeer last night, Brant surprised us by reciting the last line of Twas the Night Before Christmas.   It seems he's been listening to his bear that recites it as well, given by Pam a few years ago.

And so dawns Christmas morning....early, early, as in not barely midnight, we hear a small voice call, "Mommy, did Santa come yet?"  Daddy answered the call and when Brant heard that he hadn't come yet, he went right back to sleep...sweet boy.  Daddy and I both woke up at our regular school time, fully expecting Brant to be awake before us.  But he slept until 7:45, and then waited semi-patiently for Grandma to come.
Littely and Brant waiting for Grandma to come

Now that's a lot of presents!

Santa brought a Phillies wallet! Brant has been asking for one for forever!

We opened presents until almost 10:00, pausing to play with toys, get another cup of coffee, answer calls, whatever happened, happened!  Santa was VERY good to Brant, leaving all he asked for, and more.  Brant received a drum pad, wallet, Lincoln Logs, Red Rover game and Quirkle.  He also brought a Cars bath set, harmonica and kazoo.  And then, in a very special letter from Santa, Brant was told that a special present was left outside on his playset.  We all rushed out to see and there, magically put up by elves last night, was a brand new tire swing!

The crumbs

A test swing

Wearing his new Lowe's apron he got with goggles and a hammer from Mommy and Daddy

Go Phillies!

Around noon today, it started to snow!  The winter storm that was iffy has come to fruition and we are supposed to get 3-6 inches.  We shall see, as weather is never as predictable as people like to believe.

Just in case you are curious as to other gifts received, Mom got a family photo collage from us, a new calendar and tickets to Celtic Women at DPAC, Brant got Phillies corn hole boards, a new Elon hat, 2 sets of Polo jammies and a dog bone tool.  I got a gift certificate for new Danskos, 2 sets of jammies (from mom and the boys) and Brantley pulled a fast one and got me Spanish plates and bowls.  Brant got a lot more toys from Mom and Dad, which will make their appearance in other blogs, I'm sure.

Brantley's Phillies cornhole boards

So, in the immortal words of Santa, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
A Christmas day fire

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