Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...and SNOWING!

Yes, you read the title correctly, and no, we have not moved!  But today we are having our first snow!  It's come as a surprise, as you can never count on snow in the south, but as the first flurries flew, our excitement grew.

Now, let me explain, this week has not been the O'Day family's best.  You see, little B has been quite sick and out of school all week.  So, in other words, the whole family has been out of whack.  It's been a week full of tissues, Motrin, snuggles and lots and lots of Thomas videos.  Last night, though, Brant perked up and we could see he was finally getting better!  We are now in the No Fever Zone, so we celebrated with a ride though a local park's Christmas lights.

Saturday has dawned early, as stuffy-headed children tend not to sleep in,  and Mommy and Daddy had the lofty goal of getting the outside of the house decorated and the leaves (oh, the leaves, and leaves, and leaves...) picked up.  Low and behold, well before the 2pm anticipated flurries, it starts to pour snow!  And snow, and's still snowing now...and is supposed to until later tonight!  And yes, Brant is better enough to don his winter gear and take a tromp.
Peeping out the door at the big flakes

Laughing at the flakes hitting his neck

And then, about an hour later...

Little B took this one

Good ole' Mickey!

A little snow on the Christmas mailbox!

We didn't get finished with our decorating, but God sent the best of all!

And yes, it's still snowing...Brant keeps asking to make a snowman, who knows? Maybe by tonight there may be enough to make "mini-man"!

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