Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thumbs up for eclipses, cookies and Christmas!

It's so fun to see what Brant's next "thing" is.  We've gone from learning to snap fingers, silly faces and now...thumbs up!  This is a new development, first noticed on Monday night.  These pictures have all been taken since! 

I love this one!

Getting the thumb positioned correctly for the "thumbs up for cookies" shot!

Posing with Grandma at the Park

Thumbs up for Grammy snuggles!
As everyone knows, the total lunar eclipse was visible here early Tuesday morning.  We had planned on waking up Brant to see it, as it was quite the milestone, coinciding with Winter Solstice, but the weather pulled a fast one.  Daddy and I got up to check it out, but about 10 minutes after getting up (at 2:30 a.m.), the clouds rolled in.  The moon has been amazing this week though, and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.  It makes me wish for a camera equipped for these kind of shots.
The view from our patio

About 10 minutes from total eclipse...and the last clear shot.  Never got to see

We've all been a bit cabin feverish, as the weather has been very cold for us Southerners.  So today (and yesterday even though it was FREEZING!) we made sure to get to the park, to run off some cookie energy, full moon and Christmas excitement craziness!  Today was great fun, as we were joined by Grandma, AND when we pulled up, 3 of the girls from Brant's class was there, later to be joined by a 4th.   But before leaving we had to check out the partially frozen pond and some of the lights and Christmas displays.
No, I do not normally allow Brant to climb in Christmas displays,
but there were already muddy footprints there!

Flying with Rudolph

Brant's yummy cookies for Santa.  We've had strict orders to NOT EAT any of them!
And so, this brings us to the Christmas countdown of 3.  The excitement is growing, the presents are piling and we are enjoying being home for the holidays.  It's our first Christmas just us and Mom, so it feels a bit odd not having family around.  But we've got lots planned and some fun day trips, not to mention a visit by the Jolly Old Elf, Himself!

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