Saturday, December 18, 2010

A herd of reindeer, missed school and the Holiday program

Wow!  What a roundup to the end of 2010 at school!  Hoping to make it through the final week uneventfully, Mother Nature had her own ideas and Thursday morning brought us snow, sleet, freezing rain and basically any form of winter weather she could throw at us.  And, to add to it, it was ugly, not pretty, wet and yucko!  Definitely a day to stay inside.

 So, BDS obliged and school was cancelled, and along with it, Polar Express/PJ day, 6th grade exams and the Holiday Program were postponed, two of the three until the next day.  Polar Express day is TBD, hopefully in January as Brant has a great new pair of pirate P.J.'s just for the day!  Thank goodness Brant's party had been Wednesday at lunch! 
Enjoying pizza, Cheese Doodles, cupcakes and juice with good friends!

Mommy was able to slip down for a few minutes in between exams

 We made the best of the day, as Daddy was off, and got busy baking, gluing and twisting and creating all sorts of yummies for Brant's teachers and my friends.  Mission complete, along with some silliness in the kitchen, we went to bed, hoping the weather would cooperate in the morning....
Checking out the bread dough...we were COVERED in flour by the end!

This was little B's idea, to pose with his new baby T-Rex

And Brant's photography skills....

Gluing on Rudolf noses for his classmates

Our "herd"

And it did!  With an hour delay, we were off to play Santa, to give the final final exam and to enjoy the annual Holiday Program! 
Handsome little Brant and his twin Evan.  The whole school gets them mixed up,
good thing they aren't in the same grade!

By the last song, his shirt was untucked, and the tie was about to go...

Aren't they sweet?!

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Meredith said...

Loved his dance moves at the end of the video!