Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ornaments anyone?

We've had our tree decorated since the weekend before Thanksgiving and each year, it's neat to see Brant remember the ornaments.  We always gain ornaments each year, and it never fails, I demolish several.  True to tradition, I wiped out two glass bulbs while decorating the tree (and some of the little ones on Brant's tree when I was cleaning yesterday!).   Of course, our favorite ones are the ones Brant makes with his sweet little hands, and the ones with the school pictures are so precious!

But this year, there have been some interesting additions...
This was a sign from Brant's room, it was his Daddy's, from when he worked at Wright Brothers.

Our magnetic bottle opener!

And then, as I was straightening up the Nativity scene, I saw this....

when asked why he gave Baby Jesus a train, he said, "I thought it'd be fun!"   Kids do make life so fun! What a blessing!

And just in case you missed the last post, here's a bit more video from the holiday program!  If you have a rapid clicking sound, it was the high tech camera guy who was beside me!

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