Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yes, dreams can come true!

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"  Bing Crosby croons his yuletide tune and for us North Carolinians, white Christmas is just a pipe dream.  There hasn't been one since 1969!  And yet, yesterday afternoon it started to snow, and snowed all night and even this morning!  Leaving us with a beautiful winter wonderland.  Daddy still had to go to work, they were feeding the fantastic guys at Duke Power, but as the Village is closed for lunch and dinner today, he should be home soon.  But when the Go Outside and Play request came, Mommy answered the call!  Here are some photos I took as we went on a winter tromp!

Remember the first snow pic like this

St. Francis looks like the Pope!

Standing under the tree it looked like coral

A visit down at Grandma's


Snow angels, he got up and made a smiley face where his head had been.
Said it was a snow clown!

What goes up...


come down!

A little self portrait action, after sledding

Hot chocolate time!

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