Sunday, February 13, 2011

The annual Valentine's breakfast

Today we celebrated Valentine's Day.  Yes, we know it's only the 13th (Happy Birthday Aunt Cheryl!), but Valentine's Day is so hectic in the restaurant world.  That, coupled by the fact that it's on a Monday this year, this morning was our only available day for our Annual Valentine's Breakfast.

We have a little boy who loves pancakes.  I don't think love is a strong enough word for the way he inhales, gulps, shovels and shoves pancakes into his little mouth.   He ate 3 large ones this morning...the same amount I did!

Because of this intense love and joy in eating pancakes, they have become our celebration breakfast food.  Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day you name it, we've got 'em.

The Annual Valentine's Breakfast came about because we never get to go out on Valentine's Day as a family.  And, as Daddy says, "Valentine's Day is just a day for people to say I love you, when they don't do it everyday!"

The night before the breakfast, after B is asleep, I decorate.  Oh I have fun, with doilies, hearts, plates,napkins, and anything else that goes with the theme!  Then, when he wakes up , Grandma comes and we have our breakfast, (pancakes) and exchange gifts.  What fun it is! Although we had to squeeze it in this morning between Daddy having to go to work and going to church, it was fun and yummy!

Yummo!  Topped with the last bag of frozen strawberries we picked last year!

Brant opening his Build-a-Bear at home kit, he's been wanting me to "sew" him an animal. Now we can do it together!
(and it will look a lot better!)

It was so fun to see the cards and gifts Brant picked out for people! Grandma got a Transformers Valentine, Daddy got a bear holding Reese Cups and I got a box of chocolates.  Grandma got bubbles!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! From our family to yours!

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