Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off to Disney!

Once again the alarm went off too early for the O'Day family, but this time by choice.  We wanted to get on the road fairly early, to get the most out of our first day at Disney.  About an hour and a half drive, with a breakfast stop on the way, we were off to have some magical fun.
Look at those handsome O'Day boys!

On the train to Adventureland

We wanted to get Brant to Magic Kingdom first.  He and Daddy had been planning on what rides to ride, and #1 on the list?  Big Thunder Mountain.  Yes, my 4 year old and his Daddy rode Brant's very first coaster.  I watched.  We had an agreement. I won't project my fear of coasters on Brant, Brantley won't tease me about being a chicken when I don't ride.  Fair deal?  I think so.  Didn't stop my palms from being sweaty when I saw them go up, and around..and around...and around.  Brant's verdict, grinning ear to ear, "IT WAS SUPER FAST!"

Our fun continued in a very crowded park, as we explored Tom Sawyer's Island, rode Pirates of the Caribbean (Brant's second favorite), met Pirate Goofy and just generally enjoyed ourselves.
Exploring the fort on the island

Mom Mom making her way across the barrel bridge.  The boys didn't make it easy on the girls, bouncing around ahead of us!

Woody and Jessie!  Brant wasn't interested in meeting them, but I was!

Pirate Goofy!  We jumped out of line for the ride to get in the shortest character line yet!

Checking out the Dumbo ride, still a favorite in the O'Day family. Daddy rode last time, this time, it was my turn!

Second try...even with the t-shirt, he didn't get the sword out!

Of course, a castle picture!

About this time, Brant was crashing.  Badly.  So we headed back to the resort (Pop Century) to rest.  Thinking a pick me up was all he needed, we were wrong.  After resting, we decided to head over to Epcot for dinner, and to catch the fireworks.  Let's just say, so did everyone else!  Finally finding a table, I looked over to see this...

He may have seen some of the fireworks...not really sure.  But boy, did he sleep good that night!

Tomorrow??  Character meal and Soarin'!!

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