Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brant's new play spot

It seems that cabin fever gets us every year.  Right around now, I start to rebel and refuse to wear a coat.  I get so sick of hauling my coat, and Brant's, plus whatever else is going with us to school or elsewhere.  So I haven't worn a coat for the past two days.  I want it to be warm.  So does Brant.  And Big Brantley.

The cabin fever manifests in interesting ways.  Big Brantley tends to get into projects, little Brant tends to get into everything, and I just want to snuggle down and read or sleep.  Needless to say, not much of my choice around our house.

So, as I was grading papers at the table and cooking dinner, Brant wanted to sit on the counter.  45 minutes later, he asked to get down!  He occupied himself with our baking drawer (measuring cups, spoons, cookie press and rolling pin) and made the most deeelicious pretend cookies!
My little baker boy, watching Daddy and his saw out the window too

Big Brantley is into his project, the counters for the laundry room...
They will be tiled, with the sink under the window!

Why didn't I get to read?  or nap?  I'm not picky!  Oh well....maybe tomorrow!

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