Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney Day 2: Epcot and dinner with "those naughty chipmunks!"

Our second day at Disney promised to be one of a peppier Brant, as he popped out of bed, and ran to the connecting room where Mom Mom and Pop Pop were.   At breakfast, he ate two Mickey waffles, PLUS part of my big waffle!  And so, full bellies, map in hand, we were off to wait for the bus to Epcot.

Now, let me say this, there were two big differences between our last trip to Disney and this one.   Brant was only two the last time we went and almost every picture has him looking at the characters like they are about to eat him.  He tolerated them, as long as Mom and Dad were near.  This time though, Brant was hugging all over them, and wanting to get their autographs all by himself!  The second difference was the impatience.  Last time, B was in a stroller, and he was just having fun, on the bus, wherever.  This time though, Brant didn't like waiting. Not for the bus, in line, wherever.  And of course, it's Disney.  You have to wait.  So we had to get creative to keep him occupied.  And thankfully, none of the waits were that long.

Once in Epcot, we made tracks to Soarin'.  Have you ridden it?  We hadn't, but Brant's parents had, and they insisted we try it.  As Brant was tall enough for just about everything now, we got our Fast Passes.  We got them around 10 am, and they were already at a 4 pm ride time!  It's a popular ride!  I should have known though, the sign said if you have motion sickness or a fear of heights don't ride.  That thing made my hands sweat!!  Looking over at me, B said, "No sleeping on the ride Mom!"  I had to close my eyes when we went over the mountains!

After our fast pass acquisition, we did Epcot.  The character stop was the next for the O'Days.  And what fun it was for Brant to meet his buddies!!

Working with an early dinner time, and our fast pass time, we didn't get far in the world showcase.  But we did make it to the United Kingdom to see Pooh and Tigger, and to Mexico of course!

Then, the highlight of the day, dinner at the Garden Grill with Mickey, Pluto and "those naughty chipmunks!"  If you've never eaten there, it's style, hearty food, and the characters are at your table for a long time, multiple times! Brant just loved it.  LOVED it!!  And so did we.  We waddled out of the revolving restaurant, slowly.

We had decided to go back to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the evening, taking the Monorail over.  I'd forgotten how fun that can be!

We hit a few rides, then caught the fireworks there!  WOW, all I can say is WOW!  I've seen them there, I saw them in Epcot.  But I'd never seen Tinkerbell FLY from a castle turret!  What a surprise, as I didn't know it was going to happen!

How's that for concentration! lol!  Brant skunked me, but Pop Pop skunked us all!!

Exhausted, It's a Small World was our final ride.  We said good-bye to Magic Kingdom, for tomorrow was our last day.  We planned to spend it in Animal Kingdom....

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