Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'll never "tire" of your friendship

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and as you may not know, it's my most favorite holiday.  It's not one of roses, chocolates and diamonds in the O'Day house, but one of construction paper, heart shaped foods and doilies.

I think my love of Valentine's Day goes back to my childhood.  As most of you know, my sister's birthday is the 13th, and this lent itself to many, many heart themed celebrations.  Best memory of all, Cheryl's party at our church fellowship hall, singing "Birdie Fly Down Down."  That was eons ago, but it brings back the great memories of childhood.

Brant grew up with the exact opposite.  With a mother, who was a florist, Valentine's Day was an especially hectic and harrowing time.  He remembers delivering flowers and working in the shop...I remember MAKING flowers.  And, like the cobbler's children go barefoot, the florist's son doesn't DO flowers.  (Although they did surprise me with flowers for Valentine's Day last year! and at school!)

So, as soon as Christmas is over and the hearts start coming out everywhere, my fingers start to itch.  I am so stinkin' excited to get to help Brant make his very own Valentine mailbox! doilies may have to stay in the drawer...he wants a Batman box!

Well, I decided we were going to make our Valentine's this year, as that is what I did growing up.  They were foily, doily, glittery, gluey, beautiful conglomerations of cards!  But boys just aren't into that.  So we compromised.  And THIS is what we came up with!
First, I cut cardstock.  I did get to use pink and red. For some reason, he never commented on it.
Perhaps because he got to run a truck (with tire treads) through an ink pad!

Then Brant "drove" the truck across the paper

and made tire tracks

Then, we got chocolate cars from our local chocolate shop, Once Upon a Chocolate
and stuck them on the tracks.

The finished project (with blue hearts...his favorite color!)

So I got to craft, and Brant got to create.  He really enjoyed himself!  I wish I could take credit for this idea, but we found it on the Family Fun website, but put our own "spin" on it! ha ha! 

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