Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soccer and Rice Crunchy Treats

It seems we've fallen into a bit of a rut in the O'Day house.  That's not a bad thing, it's a warm weather rut, and a soccer rut.   We've been staying outside as long as we can, spending time at the field for games, and getting Brant ready for tee ball.

Everyone knows that I teach Brantley's class.  He's had a stubborn streak about speaking Spanish. He'll speak it to his Daddy, but not directly to me.   Last night we were snuggling, and playing with his little dog "Blackie."  Blackie started speaking Spanish to Brant, and Brant looked at him and said, "Blackie, I didn't know you spoke Spanish!"  He and Brant had a whole conversation about shapes, colors, greetings, basically everything we have covered in class!  It was great!  After it had gone on for a bit, I, I mean Blackie, asked him how to said red in Spanish (he knows it!).  He cocked his head, looked right at me and pointed his finger at me and said, "THAT, I don't know!"  I cracked up, he sounded just like an adult!

The weather has been glorious and its like our blood is flowing again!  Brant has started waking up and looking out, asking if it's jacket, coat or shorts weather.  Thankfully, it's mostly been jacket or shorts.

So, all I have are a few photos to share this time,  nothing terribly exciting going on.  Brant and I made Rice Krispy treats today, and I somehow messed them up.  We renamed them Rice Crunchy Treats, because they were so hard!  It must have been something to do with the cheap marshmallows, but we've eaten almost all of them anyway.  And we had a great time making them!


Getting set up for kickoff

Taking a kick, and his ball got used for game ball, Brant loved it!

Helping decorate for St. Paddy's day
Seriously, this face is hilarious!  
Adding a stuck together glob of marshmallows to the pot
And the Rice Krispies!

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