Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish to ye!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This is one holiday that is fully embraced by the O'Day family, and one we quite enjoy.  There're no gifts to buy, traditions to follow, or really too much hype by companies (except for alcohol!).

And guess what?!  A leprechaun snuck in the house last night and left candy hidden everywhere!  He even snuck into our bedrooms AND left candy in Brant's shoes!  Brant had a throuroughly Irish breakfast of got it! Lucky Charms! ha ha ha!   We all left for work "wearin' o' the green," with corned beef in the crock pot, barmbrack cooling on the counter, and the soda bread recipe ready and waiting.
Leprechaun candy, the same kind he used to bring when I was a child!
Irish Mickey and Lucky O'Day (really, that's what his tag says!) went to school to be snuggle buddies during rest time today. 

Yes, I wore those all day. My shirt says, "Everyone loves an Irish girl," and Brant has on a pin that says "World's Cutest Leprechaun!"

School was very exciting for Brant today, going on a leprechaun hunt, finding gold and getting the room messed up by the pesky little green thing! His class was so cute, stopping by my room to see if the leprechaun came by. They all had on special glasses, hoping to spot him!  When they came back to their room, all their chairs were turned over, and there were special goodies and a rainbow made out of cupcakes.  All in all, a very good school day!
What an appropriate graphing activity for today!  Lucky Charms!

When we came home there were more yummies.  The corned beef was cooked, cabbage in the pot, bread made, barmbrack baked.....yep, DINNERTIME!  We each had our beverage of choice, ranging from water, Red Oak, Harp and McSorleys...slainte!

My Irish boys, wearin' o' the green!
So now, I have a sleepy leprechaun whose eyes just crashed closed beside me, Daddy snoozing beside him on the couch.  All in all, a very good day.  No school for the kiddos tomorrow, I have a workday and I am so excited to get my room cleaned up and maybe rearranged.  Happy St. Patrick's Day, from our Irish family to yours!

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