Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Saturday and you know what that means!

Spring Saturdays mean one thing in the O'Day house, SOCCER!  Today was no exception.  The Deacons took the field and played wonderfully.
Go Brant Go!

Getting set up for a corner kick

It is really amazing to be able to see your child's growth.  Not physically, which is amazing in itself (especially when your son eats as much as you do during a growth spurt and you can mentally fast forward 10 years when he eats you out of house and home!).  But the growth of skills and coordination.  I mean, there are days where I can't walk and do anything else but breathe, but in 4 short years our son has grown from a babe in arms to a child who runs, plays soccer, climbs, and asks questions like, "Mommy, if an engine has 4 wheels, how many train cars would it have to haul for a total of 44 wheels?"  I kid you not, putting him to bed tonight, that's what my snuggle buddy asked.

We were blessed with another beautiful spring day.  It was shorts weather again, and after the game we got busy in the yard.  The boys mowed Grandma's yard, Big B on the mower and Little B on his gator.  It was the absolute cutest thing, with Brant's following Daddy around, turn for turn, both on John Deeres.  I couldn't get a photo, but I know I'll always remember the sight.   Boys thus occupied, I headed to Lowes to purchase bulbs.  Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs....I planted about 100...and I'm sure they'll be gorgeous in the summer, but my arm is killing me!
Bailey (and Rusty) is quite fond of sitting the landscaping cloth over the strawberries, brussel sprouts  and broccoli. 

We had our neighbors' kids over for the afternoon and had our first picnic with them.  Thanks to their Me Maw and Paw Paw, the kiddos feasted on chicken nugget Happy Meals, played in all of our yards and generally had some great old outside fun.
Cutie Amy

Brant and Austin, Brant was totally intent on his nuggets!

"Hey, Brantley!  You wanna fight?!"  

And the fight continues, while Brant checks out why his sword isn't lighting up!

This week promises to be busy, but fun, and with great weather to boot.  That's always a good start for the week!

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