Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sights and Sounds of Okeechobee, Florida

It was so wonderful to head back to Okeechobee after the hustle and bustle of Disney.  Even though none of us wanted to leave.

We wrapped up our last full day in Florida with lots of family time.  Brantley and his Dad got to go golfing while Mom Mom, Brant and I headed out to the park.  They had a "digger" there that Brant loved!

This was the favorite of the playground!

Once the boys got back, Mom Mom had promised Brant a picnic on the boat.  So we packed up some sandwiches and drinks, and headed off to bask in the Florida sunshine.  I don't know how long we were out, I took off my watch and left my phone, on purpose! But it was the perfect wrap-up to our trip. 

Brant's favorite spot on the boat!

Brant taking his turn at the wheel

Ummm, this was a stop we made to "refuel."  I shall not say what type of beverages we partook of, but Brant had an orange soda!

 Making the grocery run for dinner, Pop Pop took us out to the pier on the lake.  Lake Okeechobee means "Big Water" in Seminole, and I was expecting a lake like....Lake Waccamaw, or Lake Lure.  Oh no.  I was sadly mistaken.  It's so big that when you look out, it looks like the horizon at the ocean.  It's one big lake!

Looking for gators on the walk out to the fishing pier

My boys...gosh I love them!

No, that's not shore, that's some reedy stuff growing.  You can't see the shore.  

Florida Family Fun

Do you see the gator (upper left, just his head)?  He was stalking the bird.  We waited, hoping to see some real life  Animal Planet, but nothing happened.

And so ends our trip to Florida.  We made "reservations" for next year, but without the Disney part.  Can't wait to discover what else Florida holds for the O'Day family!

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