Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the road again and a trip down memory lane

We recently got to travel back to Ohio, to visit family, and celebrate Great-Grandma Tobin's 90th birthday! Heading out early, we had a start and stop trip.  First in Winston-Salem for a new Salem College sweatshirt, then lunch, then the Rocky outlet and finally Lancaster!  And what a surprise...it started to snow on our way there!  

Now that's how I need coffee...dispensed from a nozzle like gas!
After visiting with Grandma and dinner at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tim's house (yummy salmon burgers!), we headed to our hotel.  The big party was the next afternoon, so we had decided that we would try to get Brant over to Rising Park in the morning.  This not taking into account that it was approximately the temperature that  h**l freezes over!  Seriously, it was COLD!  But we were prepared, sort of, with coats.  Grandma didn't believe me when I said it was going to be cold, and only brought her liner.  Thankfully Daddy got a new coat at the Rocky outlet, and Grandma and I got some extremely bright woolies to wear when walking, so our weather gear spanned the genders and generations!

The hike up Mt. Pleasant (chosen to do first to warm up!) This is typical for the family, Daddy way out in front, Mommy bringing up the rear with Brant.  We can't help it, we like to piddle along the way!

About 2 seconds before Brant popped up because the sandstone was so cold!  Those benches were carved in 1910 and are one of great memories of visiting the park.  They were always so cool to rest on, in the heat of a summer hike.

It was so cold, I'm surprised our faces could smile!

Still going!

The view from the top, on the unauthorized, scary, give-Mommy -a-heart-attack path that Daddy took

Cuteness (I freaked out when I saw the railing hasn't changed in a hundred years!  Can we get a chain link fence please?!)

I love this view, thanks to Brant, there's a photo.  

Now Rising Park was the site of many family afternoons when we lived in Lancaster.  I have photos in my albums of my dad pushing me on the swings, me climbing up the extremely tall slide and dizzy memories of the merry-go-round.  Speaking of tall slides, Brant got to go on one during our WV vacation last year!  Scared the dickens out of me to watch him climb up.  How in the world did we survive childhood??

I have a vague memory of this big orange rocking egg that used to be there (not now, everything is safety approved!)  You would run from side to side of the egg, running halfway up the side almost, trying to get it to rock as hard as you could. Does anyone else remember that?

Well, my poor, safety approved son had never been on a merry-go-round before, so Daddy had to show him how it worked.  He loved it!  Brant and I almost turned as green as his hat though, kid stomachs are so much tougher than adults!

Hopping on for a ride

Hanging on tight to his new OSU bear

Daddy's turn for a ride

Daddy and Grandma had a swinging competition to see who could get the highest!  Grandma was wearing Daddy's coat!

In every photo someone had their eyes closed!  We took about 5 of these!
So, frozen, we headed out.  Aunt Terri was driving up from Ironton, and we had to get back to meet her.  Then it was time to get ready for the big party!

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