Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're "WILD" about Animal Kingdom

If you know Brant at all, you'll know that he has a deep love of animals.  Stuffed, or real, he's got buddies that he takes care of. He loves to feed our cats, brush them, and yesterday morning, I caught him examining Bailey's (our oldest cat) paw gently.  Looking up at me he asked, "Is that one far away from the rest like his thumb? But he can't grab anything!"

Needless to say, Animal Kingdom was on the to-do list for Disney.  Living only 30 minutes from an awesome zoo, we sought out the attractions that were different.

Waiting for the bus on our final day at Disney

Seriously, you are tired already? (Mom Mom opted for the bench...we were waiting on the boys)

In front of the Tree of Life, or rather, in the midst of the crowd!

We began by splitting up...Brantley and I ran for Safari fast passes, and Mom Mom, Pop Pop and Brantley went for seats at the Lion King show.  Breathlessly, we made it back to the show, just before the show started. I'm so glad we went, as Brantley and I went to the Broadway Series production of it a few months ago, and I felt bad that we hadn't taken Brant. (Although I knew he would not enjoy sitting the whole time!)  So this was the perfect compromise.  And Brant LOVED it!  I must admit, he's not seen the movie yet. He's never asked to see it, and I forgot we had it on DVD.

Watching The Lion King show...he loved it!
 It was really good, perfectly the right length and Brant was mesmerized.  His favorite part?  Watch and see...

Next was lunch at the Yak and Yeti, which was delicious!  I had duck with wasabi plum sauce, Brantley had Miso Salmon, Bev had some sort of steak, and Louie had duck too.  Thinking Brant would get the noodles and rice, as he loves Chinese, I was surprised he got the Mini-burger with Jello!  Oh well, at least he ate something!  We really need to take more time to explore the Asia section of Animal Kingdom, it's really neat over there.  But we had a ride on the Safari, that just couldn't wait.

I don't know why that ride is so fun, perhaps because of the unpredictablity of the live animals involved, or the escape, so you feel like you are on Safari.  The last time we rode it, Brant fell asleep!  It's the bounciest, bumpiest, jounciest ride!  He loved it this time, sliding from one lap to another to see better.  We even got stopped for a bit, as an animal was on the road ahead of the jeep ahead of us.  When we got there, this is what we saw...

At this point, we had thought to head down to Dino Land (or whatever it's called) to let Brant run in the maze and stuff there.  But we were pooped.  And we wanted to see Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.  So you know what we did?  We found us a spot.  And then we shopped.  And ate ice cream.  And enjoyed the parade, watching people and our family.  

Getting Rafiki's autograph at the Animal Center.  Brant got up close and personal with some bugs, watched the vets prep for a surgery, and got to see some sort of lizard.  He was most amazed when we walked behind Rafiki though...that's when he saw his "BIG BLUE BOTTOM!"  He was slightly shocked!

New pals Simba and "Irish Mickey" waiting for the parade.

Staking out the spot

Mom got sent on the ice cream run! I just love Mickey shaped food!

Not our best look, but wasting time waiting!

The Mouse himself!  We loved the parade!

Saying good-bye to the Pop Century Pizza van

Until the next time...whenever it will be...

And when it was over, we asked Brant what he wanted to do.  And he said, "Go home to Mom Mom and Pop Pop's."  And after making sure he was really sure, that's exactly what we did!  

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Looks like an awesome trip! Thanks again for letting me plan your Walt DIsney World Vacation!

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