Monday, April 11, 2011

A bunny cupcake factory

A few weeks ago I got to go to my friend Meredith's cupcake workshop.  There she walked us through 6 beautiful and fun cupcake designs, one being an adorable bunny with marshmallow ears.  I filed the how to's away, until it dawned on me, they'd be a great treat for Brant's Easter  egg hunt and party (this Wednesday).

Knowing life is crazy, and we have a soccer game tomorrow night, it was tonight or never.  Another batch of cupcakes were baked (for oopses and a few more we needed), and we got to decorating.  And boy, did we have fun!  I have to say, these are even better than the ones I made, because by the end of it all, every person at our house, AND Grandma, had a hand in the decorating.  Little Brant's are the best and sweetest, as he carefully matched jelly beans and ears (total coincidence that the colors matched, but all the better for it.)  So without further ado, may I present the O'Day Bunny Cupcake Factory!
Start with cutting marshmallows in half diagonally, with kitchen shears.  

The cut part is good and sticky, dip it in colored sugars.  These are the ears.

Make sure you get them good and covered!  Brant is doing quality control here!

Ears!  This was also a good lesson in pairs and counting by twos.

Daddy came home in the midst of the operation, and as Mommy was icing the cupcakes, he and Brant started an assembly line.  Two chocolate chips for eyes and a jelly bean for a nose.

Brant fussing at Daddy for putting a nose on!

Only missing cheeks and teeth. I bought the wrong type of tip, so the cheeks are a bit funny.

Mr. Bunny, with candy coating teeth.  Melt the candy coating, put it into an icing bag and pipe the teeth onto waxed paper.  Put into the freezer to cool.

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