Friday, April 22, 2011

Go Orioles! Brant's first tee-ball practice

Thinking we might get at least a week in between soccer and tee-ball, we were mistaken.  Thursday night the Orioles had their first practice.  We met Coach Derrick and the rest of the team.  One of Brant's soccer buddies is on the team as well, so all the faces weren't new.

Determined to sit at a practice and enjoy being a Mom, Daddy stepped in and helped coach the kiddos.  It's definitely different from coaching soccer, as it is a largely individual practice, instead of a team.   The team split their time between the infield practice (gator drills, fielding and running the bases) and outfield practice (batting stations, throwing and catching with the coach and Daddies).  Brant did really well.  He got some hits off the coach's pitches, solid hits off the tee and totally went for the balls when others hit.   Best of all, he loved it!

A little batting practice with Daddy

A hit!

Coach Daddy!

A little help with his stance  from Coach

Swing batter, batter, batter!

Tell me that ain't a ball player

Check out the ball cap, future Bruins baseball player!
So we were sort of surprised, as it's our first season, to hear the rules of the game.  There are two innings, each player gets to bat once per inning, with three coach pitches.  Then, if they don't get a hit off the coach, they put the tee out.  I guess I assumed that it's tee ball, so all the hits would be from the tee.  Silly me!

He's all geared out now, with a new bag for his equipment and baseball pants (I could just eat him up!).  A few more practices and then games start!  Let's go Orioles!!

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