Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr. O'Day and his farm

WOW!  What a weekend.  I think it's the busiest we've been in a very, very long time.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a family weekend, as we all seemed to be going in different directions.  

Today was more relaxing, with the most pressing item on the agenda being cupcakes for Brant's class.  That was accomplished, after a long afternoon of play outside.  Brant found a pair of Carhartt overalls handed down from his cousins, and decided to wear them today.  He left the house with a white t-shirt on under it, but by the time I got down to Mom's it was off.  Look at cute "Mr. O'Day, Delaware farmer" as he worked on his farm this afternoon!

Grandma drawing "Route 17" that heads into Delaware
Checking out how he just spun around
Drawing hay bales at his farm
Counting his hay bales, he made nine!  And as Grandma was drawing a hay stack he told her "I need the rectangle kind so it fits on my trailer!"
Let me work backwards, in case you are wondering just why we were so busy...Friday night was our school's yearly auction, themed "Hollywood Nights."  While an entertaining event, the fact that my presence is required and I am scheduled to work seems to suck some of the fun out of it, for I invariably would rather be at home with my boys.  But I donned my little black dress and rhinestones ($12.00 sale at Belk!) and strutted down the red carpet.  The highlight of the night was definitely the cake, made by my friend Meredith ( which was both beautifully decorated and delish!  I didn't get home until around midnight, with swollen feet, and aching toes.  Peeking in on Brant, I fell into bed, alarm set for our soccer game bright and early the next morning.

Except, it was only early, not bright. As a matter of fact, it had rained quite a bit over night, and was still in the misty, drippy, muddy stage of the day.  And was only 46 degrees! Waiting for the phone call that the announced the cancelling of the game, it never came.  We scrambled into our jerseys and cleats and slip slided our way through the game.  We have had to make up several games, and have simply run out of time to play them, so we were playing, no matter what. Brant had another awesome game, with a goal, but was robbed when a kid kicked it out, after it crossed the line.  Oh well, we both know he scored, and this time, I saw it!
Photo from an earlier game, I didn't get to take any this game because I was on the field with the team.

Saturday was also the day my college friend Jennifer was getting married.  Promising to be a beautiful affair, my little black dress got trotted out again, this time with different accessories and an awesome pair of hot pink heels.  Crippling, but awesome.  My poor abused feet from Friday night protested.  But I had a handsome escort, it was a beautiful wedding and another late, but wonderful evening.  Brant being decidedly asleep at Grandma's, we didn't hurry home, and enjoyed our rare evening out together.  The reception was at The Carolina Inn, the bridal couple was beautiful and it was great to see my college friends again.  But the best part was coming home to our cozy house, and our life as a family.   Invariably, a wedding makes you reflect on young love, the beginning of a life together.  And while sometimes we miss the carefree days, we love our life exactly as it is.
Serious Brantley hates getting his photo taken...but I made him. Who knows the next time we'll be this dressed up!?

So we are beginning another week, where at least the end of it means Spring Break!

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