Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The North Carolina Zoo

Over the past few years our family has really enjoyed our family zoo membership, but for some reason, it lapsed last summer and we just got around to renewing it.  So today was our first trip back in a year, and we chose a great day to go!  Grandma came too, adding to the fun!

he he, too funny!

There was a special exhibit about the Ghost Gators...rare white gators (never did figure out if they were just albino or an actual breed) which are good luck.

Inside the ostrich egg (over-sized of course).  But for us, they were dinosaur eggs.

Riding the rhino (can't do this in the summer, too hot!  )

At the elephant over-look.  Check out Brant's face!  

Searching for elephants in the helicopter

"Simba's Mommy"

Watching the lioness

Climbing one of the big rocks along the paths in the zoo

Watching the chimps

We loved Lemur Island...can't help but think of Madagascar!

Riding the endangered animals carousel.  Grandma got chosen to ride!

We got to wave at the cutest kid on the ride!

Riding the exhibit to show how energy can be generated by people and  the sun.

When they peddled fast enough, the sculpture moved

At the totally fun garden themed playground

Eating ice cream.  We all had one..quite the bang for the buck, especially for zoo food!

Still eating....

Almost done!  And seriously, only one drop on his jersey!  

Percy's brother (see other blog posts as to who Percy is)

Up close and personal with the harbor seals.

This gator was about the size of the one we saw in Florida.  The real big one was in quarantine after a medical procedure.
So we've had a great family day, and we are loving the weather! We've had a long to-do list that we've been working on, but had to take a fun break!  Lots more to do this week, but lots of fun too!

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