Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grandma T.'s 90th Birthday and Brant's first field trip

The Saturday of Great-Grandma's birthday dawned clear and cold.  After a brief trip to the park, we met Aunt Terri at the hotel and got ready to go out to the party.  It was held at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tim's club house, and was quite a nice event.  Most of the family was there, those it was feasible to be there, it was great to see everyone.  Grandma was the queen of the event, sitting court with her bridge club ladies!
Ben says hi to Hannah and Savannah

Curt and Grandma enjoying the party

Mom, Terri and Carol getting their chat on

Timmy, Jim, Ditty, Aunt Terri and Jennifer enjoying the day

Grandma and her children.  Mom and Ditty stood in for Dad and Patty.  I know it meant a lot to Mom.

The grandkids.  And there were only 7 missing.  We missed everyone who wasn't there

The grand-daughters and the queen!

The great-grands, missing quite a few, there are 14!

It was great to catch up with cousins I'd not seen in a long time, and aunts and uncles who couldn't believe how Brant had grown.  There was even a monster in the basement that Great-Uncle Tim discovered, Brant and I had to check out, and then Brant left it to "eat" Great-Aunt Carol!

After a photo op, Brant was itching to get back to the indoor pool at the hotel.  Aunt Terri and Mom used the time to catch up, joined belatedly by me, after the boys went up to shower.  A while later, I found them both snoozing!   We headed back to Great-Grandma Tobin's for dinner with some of the family, and then had to say good-bye.
Daddy and Brant having buddy time in the pool
"Practicing my kicks!"

Glory, that's a cutie!

Due to traveling back home the next day, we weren't able to stay for Mass and brunch.  After a breakfast at Roots, my favorite from childhood, and now Brant's because of the "giant waffles."  A quick stop in Nelsonville and we were on the way.
Pre-waffle sillies at Roots

The station at the Hocking Valley Railroad

Checking out the caboose

So our GPS kept trying to take us some weird way, so we gave up and went.  We kept seeing this nuclear power plant from a distance, and ended up going right by it.  It was interesting to see it, in light of the crisis in Japan.

Brant and his Daddy had a field trip on Wednesday to Marbles (the children's museum in Raleigh).   The last field trip was a bust.  They were headed to the corn maze, but the bus was late and by the time they got there, it was pouring down rain.  They came back to school, and Brant and Daddy went out to lunch and to a movie.  We took Brant to the corn maze that weekend, but it wasn't the same as a field trip.   We were all quite relieved to see the bus parked when we arrived at school, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the bus pull out.  They were on their way, and all the little heads in the bus window were so excited and precious!  They had a great, busy day, and Daddy and Brant conked out early that night!
"Hangin' around" the pirate ship

Wherever we are, we find trains

Enjoying Marbles
It was a long and busy week, rainy too.  Soccer has been cancelled all week, and we've all fallen into bed and slept like a rock.   Easter festivities are around the corner, egg hunts and Spring Break.  And the mother of all yard sales!  It's a down hill slide from here for school, and we're all excited! Summertime, here we come!
Going through clothes in the attic and we found Noah's uniform and flight suit.  Brant's worn the jacket to school twice this week!


Jen said...

It makes me sad that so few of the Kremer boys were able to make it. Right there that's 4 of the missing Grands. Also, the Great Grands picture is not only missing Jeremy's Hannah, Savannah and Noah, but Mikayla, Jeff's kids Jeffrey, Dominic, and Erin, my kids Peter, and A.J. and Marcus' little Isabella. Wish we could ALL have been there! (Wow, that's 14 great grandchildren already!!)

Katy said...

Totally brain farted on that one, I guess I was thinking only on our side or something, duh. Mikayla was sick, poor thing, Jodie looked tired. Saw your cute photos at Grandma's, she had them out with all her cards.