Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watch out David Beckham!

I had mentioned to Daddy after our last game, that Brant really seemed to follow the ball, and get in the scrum to get some kicks.   Due to our crazy, rainy, snowy, windy, scary weather, we've not been at a soccer game since Thursday, two weeks ago.  This evening though, we got to play!  Thinking the kids would be out of sync because we'd not played in so long, I was very surprised to see all the pent up energy explode on the field.  The Deacons had a great game, some of the kiddos had fantastic plays and were really quick on their feet.

As the game progressed, a member of Parks and Rec delivered our make-up schedules, and I proceeded to pass them out (as I usually take bench duty and let Coach Shaun take the field).  As I was turning to pass out a paper, and say a few words to a parent, Brant scored a goal!  That's right, I didn't see it, nor did I see, in Brant's words, "And den, Grandma ran out onto the field!"

Several of the moms were very excited for us, for they've seen Brant's growth on the field as well, and it was his first goal this spring season.   So, heading back to the bench to pay closer attention, I dodged a few spectators, AND MISSED HIS ASSIST!!!  Thank goodness Daddy was there to see them both!  We were so impressed with Brant's play tonight, he really got in there!

But, the goal was described to me, Brant and a bunch were in front of the goal, doing the "Where'd the ball go?" thing and Brant found it and booted it in!  Yeah for our little buddy!  We are so proud of you!

Only two more games in soccer season, then on to t-ball.  Mommy is sitting this season out, let someone who knows the game better do the coaching!  

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