Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The first day of Kindergarten!

Can you believe this day is here? That Brantley can be old enough to join the ranks of  "real" school?  Well, he is and today was the day. The first day of kindergarten.

I watched (through Facebook posts and comments) many of our friends send their children off to kindergarten last week.  We commiserated and wondered how our kids could possibly be old enough.  Weren't they just in diapers last week?  Didn't they just toddle in and say, "Mama" or "Dada"?  I got teary reading other parents' posts!  And I was thankful.

I am so thankful that Brantley has a wonderful school like BDS to go to.  With his kindergarten class next door to his K4 class.  Teachers that greet Brantley by name in the morning, teachers he hasn't had yet.  Having kindergarten teacher who is a friend of ours.  And being a teacher at his school, being able to peep in his classroom any time I want (I have to restrain myself, I don't peep in often), running into him in the hall, hearing , "Mommy!!" when I walk outside and he's on the playground.  Dropping in for lunch with him when my schedule allows.  Short of homeschooling, our situation is the next best thing.

So this morning was more exciting than teary.  Although upon waking up and remembering it's the first day of school, Brantley said, "I wish everyday was Saturday!"

We got out of the house, and on the way without any major stress or strife (except he did NOT want his photo taken this morning).  A quick stop in my classroom to drop off my stuff and we headed down.  Brantley unpacked his bag like a pro and got to playing.  A few friends later and I wasn't even there.
Yes, he looks pained.  This was the best we could get this morning. And no, we didn't color coordinate on purpose

Sir Grump-a-lot on his way out.  He cheered up almost immediately out the door, but I caught the proof that sometimes he DOES look like me! 

Let's hit the road!

Unpacking in his class

Playing with the marble run

Buddies, right before flopping on the bean bag chairs to read.

Sitting with class during the school-wide assembly before the picnic

Slipping down to my room to do my own first day stuff, it was soon time to have our school wide picnic.  Daddy joined us and we visited with old and new friends.  The kids ran and played on the grounds, and then went home for a half day.

All in all, a good day. 

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