Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A summertime field trip

Guess where we went today!?  We loaded up and headed over to Homeland Creamery, in Julian, not too far from where we live.  We've been trying to get over there for quite a bit, and finally made it!  We figured it'd be a good way to keep us occupied (the smallest one in particular).

We started with a hayride that took us through the different fields.  The guide explained some of the breeds, why they were chosen and why they kept them grouped the way they did.  All through this Brant added to our commentary telling us about "Mr. Webb's cows in Delaware."

Little Brant took these next two photos himself.

The adorable baby calf

The turkeys.  Only time I like them is on the Thanksgiving table

Of course, a photo request of the John Deere equipment

And the silliness comes out when we are waiting...he kinda looks like the cows with their tongues out!
On the ride we saw
The field of Mommy-to-be cows

Enjoying the hayride
After the hayride we got to do a variety of things around the farm:
Like feed the adorable baby cow his breakfast!

Try his hand at "milking"

And see the milking room.  The lady in the center was our guide.  I wish the rest of the group had been as good as little B at listening!!

This was an older operation, but it works.  Homeland Creamery isn't "Certified" organic, because to be so the government requires your land to lay fallow for 7 years to ensure there are no pesticides.  They are uncertified organic, meaning they use no pesticides on the food for the cows, and don't add hormones.

Of course, the final activity, ice cream samples!  We had birthday cake ice cream.  Brant 's comment, "My spoon tastes like wood!"  Laughing we realized he'd never had one of those little paddle spoons.

So we couldn't leave without something to bring home for Grandma, who was flying home while we were there. We brought home a gallon of homemade blueberry ice cream!  Yummy!

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