Friday, August 19, 2011

We should have named him Snoopy

It's been one month today since Brady came to  our "forever" home.  I used to say "forever" home in a sneery, touchy feely voice, but now we can see the difference it can make in a little animal's life.  And what a difference in ours!
Ok, weird eyes. One reflecting the blue in the wall, and he has green eyes instead of red!

We must admit, we mulled getting another dog for a long time.  For those of you who didn't know us, way back when, we had another dog, Ruby.  Brantley had Ruby when we got married, and was my first dog. She was a beautiful black lab, sweet tempered and the type of dog that makes you wonder if you got your good dog and the next one is going to be nuts.  Thus the thinking, and thinking, and thinking.

What finally swayed us?  Little B.  He is just a boy who needs a dog. So now we are a month in.  And what a month it's been.

When we found Brady in the shelter, he was mellow.  As a matter of fact, we wondered if he would perk up enough to be fun for Brant, a playmate. Big Brantley assured me Brady would relax, but perking up was yet to be seen.

So how has Brady relaxed?  Has he perked up?  After one month he HAS!  And he has made his way into our hearts.

Here are some things we've learned about Brady and his "doginality" over the last month:
      -every time he comes into the house he paces until he's taken roll for our family
      -he actually does bury his bones
      -he's a chewer (still puppy you know!) and Brant has learned to keep his toys picked up!
      -if he had a doghouse, he'd be on top of it.  We regularly find him on top of our patio table if we leave the            
       seats pulled out.  We should have named him Snoopy.
      -his favorite place, other than his kennel, is in our chair on the back porch.
      -he thinks he can boss the cats!
      -somewhere between 8 and 10 each night, he gets a wild hair and takes off running around the yard,    
        playful, and crazy!
     -he's never been fed from the table, and therefore, doesn't beg.  Yet.
     -he's got allergies, and takes half a Clariten regularly.
     -Grass makes his feet itch.
     -he puts himself to bed when I put Brant to bed.
     -he adores his stuffed turtle that little B picked out for him.
     -when he wants to be petted or play, he puts a paw on you.  Sometimes two. Ok, he tends to jump on  
      you. But we are working on it. Really.
    -he doesn't like Milk Bones. Or the treats from the pet store. I think we finally found something he likes  
     today though.
    -he loves Brant's fuzzy red carpet in his room.
    -he's not scared of thunderstorms, but don't roll anything towards him, carry a stick or start a car. Poor  
      baby.  What kind of life did he have before?
    -unlike Ruby, he DOES NOT like to have a bath outside with the hose. DOES NOT.  Thus the first time
     we saw his wild hair.
    -he climbs into his basket, on top of his kennel, to get out his toys that I picked up

What will the next month bring? More fun most likely, but more love to be sure!

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