Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The boys' trip to the Zoo

We love the zoo, and if you've read in previous posts, we have a family membership.  This is great because we don't feel like we have to do the WHOLE zoo in one day, it's ok to come back.

I've been at a workshop for the past two days, close enough to drive home each night, but leaving the house before 8 and not getting home until after 5.  There's one more half day (more about this later), and my sweet husband arranged his days off to coincide.

So the boys have been left to their own devices, and Daddy has stepped up to the challenge.  And, as I rolled out to head to Durham Monday morning, the boys prepped to head to the zoo.  Armed with Camelbaks, hats and sunscreens, they braved the 95+ heat and had a great boy day.

Since I wasn't there, I've asked Little B to tell me about the photos.  These are his words.

These were the white alligators

The ostriches just stared at you.

I was looking at the giraffes

They were just standing there.

Sitting on a fake elephant.

Their old helicopter. And if you press the button beside the driver's thing the helicopter can talk!

Mommy: "What are these?"
Brant: "Don't remember."
Daddy, "Bison".
Mommy, "Did you like seeing them?"
Mommy, "Why?"
Brant: "Just did."

The biggest geyser.  I told Daddy to take a picture of it.
That's the cave thingy, a polar bear cave.
(Didn't get to see the polar bears, too hot)

That's the same thing as that cave, but on top of it. 
Overall, a great trip to the zoo.  It was too hot for some of the animals, so they were off exhibit. But you know what, we have a family pass!  We can go back for free!  And one of the best things about the zoo....it's a different place every time!

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