Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An adventure for the boys

Today was the final day of my conference, and boy do I wish I could have gone with the boys!  On my way out of town I dropped them off at the train station, and off they went to Raleigh.  I was going to meet them a little later and we were going to Marbles together.

Here are the photos from their trip (which only cost them 13.50 total to ride!).  They visited the State Capital building, the NC Museum of Natural History and the NC Museum of History. And not that we are cheap, but there is no admission costs for the museums.  If I hadn't joined the boys, the whole day would have only $20!   Now that's affordable family fun!

  The boys had a picnic lunch in the nice courtyard in the museum area, then walked down to Marbles, where I met them and we had an afternoon of hands-on fun. Of course, like any trip to Marbles, we followed up with an early dinner at Tir na Nog pub, across the street.

All aboard!  You can see the old depot across the street where the caboose is 

Chillin' on the train

The Raleigh station, the Carolinian train.  The final destination, New York City!

Whew, it was a sunny day!

A Civil war naval cannon outside the Capital building

The state World War II memorial

The waterfall inside the Museum of Natural History

Checking out the habitats

Daddy said Brant had the most fun on the escalators.

Don't you love it when a nice person takes a photo for you!

Looking down on the dinos

Oh Pteronadons!!   We are great fans of Dinosaur Train!

On to Marbles!  We've posted many blogs about this great place, and today was no disappointment.  They even had an added attraction, Spin Art!!  

Making the marble run

It didn't take long for us to end up in the construction section.  Daddy helped Brant saw.....

and drill.
 The Pirate Ship is probably the most unique part, with pirate clothes, a hammock swing, and mops to swab the deck!  Check out our little pirate then....and now!
Brant and a new friend took turns tossing the anchor away. Brant would bellow, "Anchors Away!" every time he threw it.

On the research sub

Then back to the pirate ship!!  "Steering us to pirate land!"

Arrgh, there be pirates here!

Then back to the sub!!

Driving the research sub, in his flippers! 

Playing in the outside hydropower exhibit.  Whew, it was hot out there.

So THAT's why!!  Brant finds a train table wherever we go!

Bus driver Brantley in a city bus, volunteered to drive us to dinner!
Quite a good day, but we are all pooped out on the couch now!  What will our NEXT adventure be?

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