Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We belong in a ZOO!

Oh yes we did. We went to the zoo again, this time all of us.  We headed out earlyish, planning to do only North America (as we usually start in Africa and are too tired to see all the animals there at the end).  Packing a lunch, we headed out!
The garden themed playground is always a stop when we go. This time Grandma played along. 

Spider Grandma!

Brant stopped for just a second to get his picture taken.
Most of the animals we saw were behind glass, such as the snakes, bobcats, and such so the photo opportunities weren't that great. But we got to see the polar bears this time! We chose to view him from the underwater area, as he frolicked with a plastic toy rocking horse.

We stayed the longest here, as polar bears are Brant's favorite.

Just around the corner were the sea lions.  While usually quite active and entertaining, today they weren't.  But Brant did try his hand at "lifting" a baby sea lion.  It weighed 44 pounds!

Heading down to the marsh area, we discovered a side of the walk we don't usually do.  There was some interesting art work, like this marble sculpture of eggs, not actual size, but all proportional. 

Leaning on a horned owl egg

Heading down to the boardwalk

Caught him unawares with this one. He's wearing his Godzilla shirt Grandma brought him from Japan.

A Grandma requested photo...a swallowtail.

The cattail gate scuplture

Hanging out around the Gator Walk

This little guy was teeny tiny. He was swimming on the non-gator side of the  waterway.  He was so cute I had to take a photo!

Hi little kitty.  

That cougar was HUGE.  I mean while he looked like a giant Bailey, Rusty or Tucker, the fact that his paws were as big as saucers made me think he wouldn't purr if scratched under his chin!
The ice cream shop at the zoo wasn't open, so we decided to stop at Homeland Creamery for ice cream on the way home.  Yummy!!

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