Monday, November 14, 2011

Native American Day 2011 and Happy Birthday Grandma!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away?  And you know what that means, Native American day, with Pilgrim Day right around the corner!  Today, Native American day coincided with Grandma's birthday, so it was an all around fun day.  All week long the students have been preparing their Native American items, from covering oatmeal (or in our case the biggest can of peanuts from BJs that you've ever seen!) containers and making them into drums.  Complete with beaded bells and headdresses, there was quite the tribe of Native Americans at school!

Can we say Daddy much?  Goodness, even down to the "Can you please take the picture and get it over with" smile!
Here he is showing off his vest we worked on. He chose the designs, drew some of them, and then colored in the ones I drew for him.  He chose all the "good" symbols from his paper.

More of his great art!

Gathering around the tee-pee

By the campfire (can you see it, right beside the boy to his right)
 After a bit of drum playing....

Natalie keeping time to the music

Caught this one. No, he wasn't smiling at the camera.  That would be out of character! was time for Native American games!
Patiently waiting for his group number to be called.

The teachers do a great job utilizing the materials they have and making it a fun learning day for the students.

Their "Fifth Grade Friends" helped out at the games

Camera acting funny, it wouldn't focus right. But fishing in the pond.

Climbing Eagle Mountain to get his feather

Spearing a deer 

Playing the cup game with Grandma, who volunteered again this year

 There's just something about trying beef jerky and sitting around a tee-pee.  Paper bag vests and macaroni necklaces are a right of passage for childhood.  Check out last year's Native American Day  here.  I can't believe he was one of the "big" kids this year!!

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