Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat ya'll!

Can you believe, after all the Halloween hubbub, we still haven't trick or treated!  So Monday night was THE night, and we rushed home from school to get ready.  Our town does a great trunk or treat, combining two churches, the police department and the fire department. Not to mention local businesses and scout troops.   So Brant's friend Christopher (from bowling) came over to join in the fun.  The trunk or treat began at 5:30, so we hurried to get dinner ready and costumed by 5.  

Our traditional Halloween dinner is Mummy Dogs, which are so fun to make and eat!  This year the boys branched out into Ghost dogs (all covered up).  A side of fries and dinner was done!

Crafting the Mummy dogs
 We had time to snap a few photos before setting out to trick or treat at the neighbors's houses and Grandma's, of course
A good ole pirate pose

Love it!

A Ninja and a Pirate, we'll be well protected around town


Trunk or treating at the fire truck!

Making siren sounds in a pirate costume!
 The boys were moving too fast in order to catch any photos in action, but on the way back they discovered the pile of leaves Big Brantley had cleaned up a few days ago.  Don't you remember the fun of jumping in leaves?  Well they did the pile justice!

What a fun night, we love living in a small town, with good friends and family to have fun with!

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