Sunday, November 20, 2011

Odds and Ends from a busy week

 It's amazing how quickly the pace of life picks up when your child enters school, and it just keeps on going.  This week has been bookended with skating parties, we are heading to the second this afternoon!  Daddy was around to help out a bit at the last one, before work, and before the staff told all the parents they had to have skates on!  Needless to say, I wasn't out there on skates! But Brantley did a great job, actually I think he did better without us.  And of course, the hilariously fun part of hanging onto a friend and falling!
A death grip on Daddy's hand getting started

There we go!  

Doing the Hokey Pokey on skates!  And pretty good at it too!

So, these were iPhone photos, so zoom got a bit blurry, but Brant and Natalie had a great time skating together

And when they did the "All girls skate" the boys hung out on the side lines.   Here's Brant,  John and Christopher, buddies from class.
 After the skating party we had a bit of shopping to do, before heading out to Mr. Jeremy's brother's house for a pig pickin'.  I don't think Brant had ever been to one, but of course, it's something I grew up with.  Daddy had to work, but we enjoyed the chilly weather, great BBQ and exploring the animals on the farm.
Checking out the goats, before Mr. Jeremy's  nephew showed us why fainting goats are called fainting goats!

Brant was moving so fast it was hard to get a picture, but checking out the chicken coop

And bunnies are always a draw
 Brant had a great time running through the farm, and thankfully, all the electric fences were off.  I had a bit of a nervous breakdown, as it got dark and the kids were still playing hide and seek.  And Brant had a olive green coat on.  And I had no idea where they were.  But, as Mr.Jeremy said, "What's he going to do, fall out of a tree?"  Yes, I felt much better then.

This week at school has been Thanksgiving in full force, with Native American Day last Monday, and Pilgrim Day tomorrow.  They've made the cutest turkeys, Indians in canoes and of course, their Pilgrim wear for tomorrow.

Brant goes to afterschool for a bit, as he gets out of school about 30 minutes earlier than I do.  He loves having a bit of playtime, snacks and occasionally a craft.  Mrs. Bridgett (yes, her last name is Jones, which I think is funny!) had a yummy craft ready for Friday.

Anything made out of candy and icing is a great project

Ta Da!  A cookie Turkey!  Made out of two oreos, a Reese cup, malted milk ball, candy  corn and Twizzlers.
Friday fun continued with our town's Lighting of the Green.  All week we've been watching the workers put up the decorations, and the excitement has been growing in the O'Day family.   The trains haven't run a lot in the past months, so we knew they'd be running, as well as a hay ride, Santa and munchies in all the stores.  Groups singing in the Depot stage and the lights coming on make for a fun evening.  We walked down to enjoy the festivities.
Brant made up a song, and insisted on singing it from the top of the WWII  artillery that's  in the  Green.  Think Jingle Bells with Choo Choo as lyrics.

Once again, we love the small town life.  The Amtrak came through while we were downtown and I can't help but think how we looked like "It's a Wonderful Life" or some other classic, with all the lights, the people mulling about and the general holiday cheer.

A chilly walk home, some hot chocolate and a little snuggle time on the couch and our holiday season is officially kicked off!

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