Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Day

Over the years we've become accustomed no two holidays being the same.  When I was growing up we hardly ever got to Ohio for Thanksgiving, because Daddy always had Thanksgiving Eve services and most likely, had to be back for Sunday services.  So my memories of Thanksgiving are centered around the Soules, the extremely long trip to Charlotte (in a child's mind) and Mom holding yeast rolls on her lap (the only contribution that would travel well).  

Big Brantley grew up differently, with everyone always coming to his house.  When I questioned him, he said, "It was always the same people and same food."  Not in a boring way, but in a safe, comfortable repetition of family tradition. Theirs was the driveway full of cars, the ones we look at now with a glance of longing.

So, this year developed differently, as usual.  Being a manager short at work, Brant wasn't able to get his usual time off, so we couldn't make the trip to Delaware (where we also celebrate Christmas because Mom Mom and Pop Pop leave for FL at the beginning of December).   So we were forced to figure out how to cook all of our favorites, but for only four people!

This morning dawned fairly early, as the turkey went on the rotisserie at 8:00.  We did some prep work the night before, so most of the rest of the day was spent outside, in front of the fire, playing in the yard, raking leaves, and whatever else we felt like doing.  The neighborhood was deserted, we had it all to ourselves.  We were on our own time, and it was refreshing.
Working on the place cards for Thanksgiving dinner

Chef Daddy, making pretzel salad Thanksgiving Eve
Grandma and Brant doing a little raking
Look at Brant's half row of carrots!  And that's not all of them.  Good thing  we didn't plant a whole row!
The rest of the carrots
Is it done yet Daddy??
Sure is!  Thanksgiving turkey with a Peruvian rub
Brady was happy for the sunny day.  We were thankful to be in shirt sleeves still
The little adventurer, wearing a Camelbak to stay hydrated!
Sitting down to a delicious meal, surrounded by the love of our family near and far, we were thankful for all of our blessings.  When we asked Brant what he was thankful for he said, "USA!"  

Our table, set with the dishes from Dunny's house.   
And nothing like Brant's artwork on the table
After the requisite nap for Daddy, and play time for Brant, Grandma and Mommy, we got busy getting fall put away and some Christmas up.

Whenever we gather with family we are thankful, and know that when we can't be with all our loved ones, we are thankful for the time we can be.  Our blessing abound!!

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