Saturday, November 5, 2011

What a crazy, mixed up week we've had

We don't know why, but this was the longest week. I don't know if it was because of Halloween and all the hype and hoop-la on Monday, but it's been a bit of a week for us.  So here's a hodgepodge of some of the less exciting parts of our life, but good family time, nonetheless. 

Yummo, gyoza (pot stickers) stir-fry veggies and rice. With chopsticks, no less.

We are still having nice weather here, with the temps getting into the low 70s some days.  So we've eaten and played outside as much as possible. 

We have the best dog ever.  Yes, our son tackled the dog, rolled him over and pounced on him.  Brady loves it!

On the scent!  The added fun of fetch when his ball rolls into the leaves
Our school had a book fair at Barnes and Noble again this year, with student art, story time with our Head of School Mr. Switzer, and performances by the Handchime choir and Drama Club.  Not to mention, shopping for books!  It's quite fun to feel that your love of books combined with raising money for your school validates a shopping spree.  We usually try to do some Christmas shopping as well, but weren't THAT together!

It's that time of year again!  Brant's paper bag came home this week, with instructions for creating his Indian vest for Native American day.  While usually able to create it in one night, Brant's designs have become more advanced, and he wants more Indian symbols on it.  The finished project will be revealed on the 14th, at Native American Day.

The other night Brant had a hankering to watch Polar Express.  Not all that odd for us, it's usually a year-round movie, but this year we've not seen it much. As a matter of fact, we had to search for the DVD.  But we found it, and all of us enjoyed putting on the surround sound and feeling the Polar Express rumble through the living room.  But it got us all thinking about Christmas.  And a trip to Target didn't help much, with Christmas music, cinnamon smells and ornaments all about.  It's usually Thanksgiving weekend before Christmas comes to mind, but we've decided that we will be decorated, or at least the tree will, by Thanksgiving. I know, I know, but it takes so long to get what we want to get done done, that we'd like some time to enjoy it too.  And it always comes down before we go back to school, simply because there's no time to after we do.

So when Daddy got home from work, Brant asked him to get down his blue Christmas tree for his room. It's really cute, all done in blue, with blue lights and Thomas the Train fabric to go around the bottom as a tree skirt. We printed out Thomas engines and made them into ornaments, so it's really more of a Thomas tree than Christmas tree.  So Daddy said yes, and now, we've got it decorated!

Grandma holding the ornaments out to choose.

A bit nutty, but our life.  We are hoping to have a more settled week this week, but with a field trip on Thursday and a half day on Friday, it's sure to be fun-filled and crazy again!

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