Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pilgrim Day 2011

Monday was Pilgrim Day in the Kindergarten, and as usual, the hats and collars were just adorable! The teachers and parent volunteers set up stations in four classrooms, making butter, stories and songs about Pilgrims on the SmartBoard, making a cornucopia filled with popcorn and sewing.  Last year they did different activities, like dipping candles, so it was fun for there to be a change.  

I was only able to slip down for the butter making, but the word from Brantley was it was a great day!

Took this one by surprise

This made me think about what Pilgrim children did for fun!

This wasn't the best snap, but got it quick before they when on to their groups

Some Pilgrim silliness before getting down to business making butter!

Mrs. Richardson telling the students about how they churned butter and what life was like in "Pilgrim Days"

Shaking the cream

Can you hear the butter yet?

Yep, it's thickened up to creamy butter!

Yummy!  Crackers and butter!
One day, we hope to take a trip up to Plymouth Plantation, where the Soule house is.  We love that Brant's had an introduction to Pilgrim life, and life for the Native Americans.  It means so much for the kids to do these hands-on activities!

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