Thursday, July 4, 2013

A night at the Burlington Royals

One of the moms on the Brant's baseball team works for LabCorp, which is based here in Burlington.  There's always a LabCorp night at the Royals, and she gets some extra tickets.  It's lots of fun, and of course, having some teammates around makes it more fun. 

Daddy couldn't go, so Grandma, the boys and I headed out.  Brant's friend L had gotten his hair painted, so Brant, who has been wanting to for a long time, was begging to do it.  Out of blue, they had green and red left.  You can see what he chose. 

Bingo, the mascot, met us heading to our seats. 
 We had looked at the line up printed in the paper a few days before, and discovered one of the players was from Milford, DE!  So we kept our eyes peeled to  meet him.  He is such a nice guy, he made sure he got a picture with the boys.

We had a spot all picked out and camped out

Henry enjoyed lounging around

and playing with the big boys
So, after we ate our dinner, we were just watching the game. Henry, crawling around, crawled into our camp chair.  In slow motion, before I could catch him, he turned over, smashing his mouth on the way down.  It bled and bled. I thought he had bitten completely through his lip.  Looking around for a medic, who could tell me if it needed stitches, I ended up in the office of the Royals.  By then, his lip had finally stopped bleeding.  Thankfully, he only had a fat lip with a busted place and a cut inside his lip.  But I was done for.  My mommy sense was on overload, it was time to go.  And it was a good time to go, because the next morning we were leaving on vacation.  

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