Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gettin' crafty!

Our local Parks and Rec started a new program this summer called Kids art in the Park.  Taking place just down the road from us, we jumped right on it, as we can walk there.  We've had other activities the rest of the weeks, so this was the first we made it to.  We invited our friend JM to go, and G and L from scouts were there too!  It was a fun morning where the kids learned to make god's eyes. 

The craft crew

Those god's eyes are tricky.  

But the boys had a good start. 

Working hard!

That yarn gets tricky sometimes!

But Mom was there to help, right L?

Henry was trying hard to stay awake.  Grandma was there to stroll him around, which was good because it was a very hands on activity.

All done!  The boys wanted to use them like frisbees!

Everybody finished!

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