Monday, July 22, 2013

Mentos, Diet Coke and a weedy garden

We got a Scouting activity coming up and needed some two liter bottles. So I bought a few on sale at Target, but then realized there was NO WAY we could drink all that soda in a few days, nor did I even want to.  So then Daddy realized that we could try the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment.  You've all seen the videos, the MythBusters even did it...but what about the O'Days?!   So, we purchased some mint Mentos at the store, and after dinner tonight we went outside. 

A diet Coke geyser!  We couldn't believe it!  One Mentos made it shoot taller than Daddy!

So then, we sort of just hung around outside for a bit. I had the camera, and took some shots of our overgrown garden.  Actually, I tried to take some shots without it being evident how bad it is.  It's just too hot. or too wet.  or too busy.

Little B's corn, just thrown out and covered up, is doing well.  

And we've got a load of blueberries on our bushes

Yum?  well, the next face was a pucker...they are a bit sour still

Getting taller!

We love summer nights!

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