Friday, July 19, 2013

Elon baseball camp

This past week Brant headed out to Elon University for baseball camp.  Run by the coaching staff and the players, it's fun and a great learning experience for the boys.  Besides the fact, it's Daddy's alma mater!

It was hot.  H-O-T!  Brant toughed it out in full baseball gear the first 3 days, but the last ones he wanted to wear shorts.  We complied, as they weren't doing any sliding.  

Getting information out of Brant is like trying to pry open a clam.  But, I gathered he had fun, learned some "stuff" and made some friends.  Not to mention, getting to play on the college players' field! 

The final day we were able to come early for some skills competitions and mock games.  We got to see some of what they learned and love to watch our gangly boy in action.  

he he he, fielding on the pitcher's mound

Chatting with the player that was their coach.  And their team name...Phillies.  Yep, Brant, another player and the coach were all Phillies phans!

So, being a full day camp Brant had to bring all his gear, his lunch, a water bottle and swim stuff.
We struggled a bit keeping track of everything, but after he lost his sunglasses, thought he'd have to save his allowance for more, then got the guts up to ask his coach and found them, he understands the importance of checking behind yourself. 

This was at the end of one of the days

Skills competition...mock a swing, sprint to first.  Fastest one got a pack of baseball cards.  It wasn't Brant, but he wasn't last either.  And he got some one on one running coaching from Coach Posey.

Dang loose tooth was distracting

Brant's buddy MJ was on his team, as well as a baseball buddy, James and another classmate M. 

Running...through the base!


Coach Posey telling him how to get more power out of his run

Catching skills drill
 Meanwhile, Daddy, Grandma and Henry were hanging out on the lush grass and shade...

WHAT?!  I AM smiling Mom!

Squatting like brother catching

Then the simulated game...

Great extension!

 Finally, camp was over.  After a short awards ceremony, the kids got their shirts (and a new hat purchased, just like the Elon players!)

All in all, camp was "good."  According to Brant, "My favorite thing was the baseball game at the end of each day!"

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Jen said...

That's so great! When P is old enough for such things, I wonder if he still be into baseball, and whether there will be any good camps for him to go to. Otherwise, we might just send him off to visit his Carolina cousins.... ;)