Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Krispy Kreme Kousins and a milestone for Little B

A couple of months ago, Little B approached me with a question.  Mom Mom and Pop Pop were visiting, and they wanted Little B to come up to Delaware for a week this summer.  Daddy had already given his approval, but apparently, I was the weak link.  Surprising them, I agreed.  I mean, even I could see, despite my oldest traveling 8 hours away, that it was time for Brant to spend some alone time in Delaware.  Besides, Little B had already asked me a million times if he could, before Mom Mom brought it up. 

So, the day has finally come.  Mom Mom, Pop Pop and cousin Hadley drove down to pick up Brant last night.  We had a great family dinner (thanks Daddy!) and some fun play time.  The last time Hadley was down, Brant was Henry's age.  So she enjoyed checking out all the NC family's stuff.  She and Brant played hard.  And when they found the Krispy Kreme hats we had picked up this week, they decided to open a donut shop.  Brant's playhouse was the perfect store, and the donuts were soon ready for purchase!!

Mom Mom is getting hers...they were of the dark mud variety!

Grandma's order was up!

"Pop Pop, you have to have one!"

Cutest little donut worker around...

and the other cutest!

Meanwhile, Henry went to sleep.  He missed out on the donuts
 So, after a sleepover in Brant's room, it was time to head on the road this morning.  I think Brant was going to implode if he had to wait any longer.  He was so excited we barely got hugs, and when we reminded him to mind his manners and listen well, we got a very mature (and sassy) "MOOOOM,I know!!!"
Henry had to get some good by love from Pop Pop

And some kisses from Mom Mom

And love from Haddles

And a sandwich kiss

Loaded up and ready to go for a week of adventure and fun!
So watch out Delaware, we've sent a piece of NC to you for the week!  He's raring to go and can't wait to get there! (and I'll be surprised if he even realizes we aren't there!)

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