Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brant the Builder visits Mom's Book Club

Yesterday, due to scheduling conflicts on all parts, Brant the Builder joined me at my teacher's book club. I was providing snacks and had to attend, not only for renewal credits, but also, I love my book club. So I decided, for better or worse, Brant would come with me. My teacher friends are the best, most having small children themselves, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Armed with his book to share, crayons, paper and snacks, we made our way to the library. Upon opening the door of the library, Brant announces "I going to check out a choo-choo booky!" We've been going to the library most weekends, and he knows what you do in the library, although...the quiet part is still difficult. My friend Say, the librarian, shows him where some picture books are, and he's good to go...not to mention that they have rolly step stools! Needless to say, Brant did great, enchanted my friends, AND shared his book during his turn. When it was finally my turn, I opened my mouth to tell my summary and Brant looks up at me and announces..."Mommy, I HAVE to go potty!" Guess I'll just have to share next time! We all got a kick out of it, and off we ran. We made it through the whole meeting. Brant continues to impress me!
This afternoon we finally got some family time. Brantley is off today and tomorrow, and was doing some work on the porch. We got cheated out of a snow day today (I mean, come on people! It was a 70% chance and we got nuthin'!) so I got home from school. As we got comfy, and Brant was finishing up cutting some wood, Brantley decides he needs to cut some wood too. He runs and gets his toy saw...and low and just doesn't get the job done. He was not impressed, and as you can tell from the picture, only the real thing gets it done!

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