Monday, February 9, 2009

The correct way to shave

Wow! Early spring has sprung around here. We had a wonderful weekend, wearing shorts and digging in the favorite activities. Brant's too! While Daddy worked on soffitts, we planted about 100 bulbs! Good thing I got my Valentine's Day present early, a new gardening organizer bag, gloves, spade, pruners and BULB PLANTER!! Gee, do my boys know what I love? And it's all color coordinated. To quote Brantley, "I knew you would get a bigger kick out of it all matching, then if it didn't!" Little Brant delivered it to me (with Daddy's permission) and yelled "SU PRISE MOMMY!" Brant's been going through another boo boo phase. It seems like every so often, he has a lot of accidents. I'm sure it's something to do with how fast he is growing, and the coordination difficulties. Yesterday he fell into one of our tomato cages in the back (he was attempting to climb them, or craw through them, I haven't decided yet.) Then he slipped on the retaining wall bricks on my flower bed. Today, he somehow scraped his chin at Grandma's, and then bumped his head at home! And he new response when he hurts himself...."I wanna go to da DOCTOR!" Oh well, at least it's not as bad as the permanent bruise he had on his head for about 3 months one time! Today, Brant and I were taking a shower (to save time) and I was shaving my legs. He looked at me and said, "No, no Mommy, shave DOWN! Daddy said you always shave DOWN!" Nobody can say he's not learning useful life skills being home with his Daddy! Well, there's a sleepy boy here, and a sleepy Mommy too. I think we'll snuggle on the couch for a bit...I can hear Diego in the distance! Love to all!

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