Saturday, February 28, 2009 like a lion, out like a lamb

Well, tomorrow if March 1st, and the weather forcast is calling for icing and 5-7 inches of snow!! We have been robbed of snow before, so we aren't counting our chickens, but it's be nice to have a SNOW DAY!! Bev and Louie are in for a rude awakening, coming from balmy Florida! We told them the forcast today and Bev said she was going to turn around a go back! Of course, with Puxatawny Phil prediciting 6 more weeks of winter, I guess we shouldn't be surprised! In other news, our dishwasher was making a funny noise. Brant took it apart and found 3 sippy straws down in it...been wondering where they were (have since thrown away the sippys). Good news, no more funny noise! It's yucky rainy and cold here...oh Spring...wherefore art thou? Little Brantley and his parents want to play outside!

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