Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brant's first day bowling

Today was a day of firsts for Brant. We scheduled a family day, meaning Mom got to play hooky (I had a dentist appointment anyway) and Daddy knew he wouldn't get anything done on the house. It started off this morning, with Brant getting ready for school, or, him not getting ready...It was Brant's First P.J. Day!! He got to wear his jammies to school, which he thought was pretty cool. We decided to take him bowling after school. I went to the dentist...look, no cavities!! and met the boys at the bowling alley. We were the only ones bowling, so it was lots of fun, and we had free reign of it all. Brant thought the bowling shoes were great, and that they make a great sound, and gave all of us high fives when we knocked down our pins!! Brantley won a game, and I won a game...our scores weren't too bad...well, there were bumpers up!! Little Brant made it through one game, then lost interest, it was much more fun to swivel on the chairs! After we bowled we went to eat "Baby hotdogs" or corn dog bites from Blue Ribbon. They day wore all of us out, and after I came back from running a few more errands, I found the boys sound asleep in Brant's bed. After a nap, they were raring to go, so we built a fire in the chimena and spent some time outside. It was a beautiful day, a balmy 65, but breezy. We tried out Brantley's new frisbee golf game that he got from his boy for Christmas. We're wrapping up the day with a movie night, I must go fetch "The Boy" from Gagi's "NEW house." Much love to all!

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